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Low Carb • Comes with french fries • Wheat, plain or tomato

Buffalo Wrap 9.75
Hot Sauce, bleu cheese, lettuce & tomato
Cheesesteak Wrap 9.75
Lettuce & tomato
Chicken Cheesesteak 9.75
Lettuce & tomato
Texas Chicken 9.75Lettuce, tomato, BBQ & bacon
Chicken Italian 9.75
Spinach, roasted peppers & provolone
Crispy Chicken Wrap 9.75
Lettuce, tomato, bacon, ranch & shredded cheddar cheese
Rachael 9.50
Coleslaw, russian, provolone & turkey
Veggie Wrap 9.75
Broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, onions, roasted peppers & garlic, cheese
Chicken Salad 9.75
Lettuce & tomato
Tuna 9.75
Chicken Parm Wrap 9.75
Turkey Club Wrap 9.50
Lettuce, tomato, bacon & mayo
Turkey Wrap 9.75
Chicken Fingers Wrap 9.75
Lettuce, tomatoes, honey mustard & provolone
Chicken Caesar Wrap 9.75
Blue Bell wrap 9.50
Turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, roasted peppers & homemade ranch dressing (Mild)
New! Cara's Wrap 9.75
Provolone cheese, turkey, lettuce, tomato, roasted peppers & bombay sauce
New! Capri Wrap 9.75
Lettuce, tomato, fresh mozzarella & balsamic dressing
New! T.J. Wrap. 9.75
Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado, shredded cheese, bacon & ranch
New! Victorino Wrap 9.75
Shrimp, lettuce, tomato, onions, avocado, shredded cheese & bombay sauce
New! Hugo Wrap 9.75
Lettuce, tomato, onions, grilled chicken, avocado & balsamic dressing
New! Chicken Fajita Wrap 9.75
Grilled chicken, onions, green peppers & mozzarella cheese
New! Blackened Chicken Wrap 9.75
Lettuce, tomato, onions, shredded cheese, sour creme & salsa
New! Grilled Chicken Wrap 9.75
Lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken, choice ranch or honey mustard
New! Shrimp Caesar Wrap 9.75
Romaine lettuce, tomato, parmesan cheese & Caesar dressing
New! Kim’s Special Wrap 9750
Turkey, romaine lettuce, Cucumbers, American Cheese, bacon & ranch
New! Al mojo De Ajo Wrap 9.75
Spicy Shrimp, lettuce, tomato, fried onions, garlic & blue cheese
New! Cheese Burger Wrap 9.75
Lettuce & tomato
New! Gyro Wrap 9.75
Lettuce, tomato, onion & Tzatziki sauce
New! Jamie Wrap 9.75
Sweet honey BBQ, crispy chicken, lettuce & tomatoes

Italian Hoagies 8.50
Tuna Hoagie 8.50
Turkey Hoagies 8.50
Ham & Cheese Hoagie 8.50
Mixed Cheese Hoagie 8.50
Roast Beef Hoagie 8.50
Cheeseburger Hoagie 8.50
Veggie 8.50
Broccoli, spinach, onions, mushrooms, roasted peppers, garlic & provolone
Sharp Italian Hoagie 8.75
With sharp provolone
Chicken Salad Hoagie 8.25
Chicken Caesar Hoagie 8.25
Rachael Hoagie 8.25
Coleslaw, russian, provolone & turkey
New! Crispy Chicken Hoagie 8.25
Lettuce, tomatoes, ranch, bacon & shredded cheddar cheese
Make Any Hoagie Into Grinder .50
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